Research lines

Research lines / Research groups

Second call for applications 2023

The research proposal, freely selected by candidates, will have to encompass in a broad sense, one of the following research lines available within the Wit Doctoral Programme (you must open each area to see the research groups included).

1.A RF / Microwave devices for satellite communications by 3D printing

1.B Development and manufacturing of multi-source energy harvesting systems

1.C Development and advanced manufacturing of sensors


1.D Eco-efficient Mobility Management in Sustainable Urban Transport

1.E Advanced fuel cell manufacturing

1.F Systems for High capacity communications in THz

2.A Hematology: advanced therapies and diagnostic innovation

2.B Regenerative medicine

2.C Nanomedicine

2.D Preventive medicine

2.E Ophthalmology

2.F Cardiology

2.G Gene Therapy and gene Regulation

2.H Immunology / Immunotherapy

4.A Real-time data processing

4.B Spatial statistical problems

4.C AI applications in Health, Advanced Manufacturing and Energy